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ZOOMflorTM Installation Intructions - ENGLISH


How long does it take to install a two car garage?

On average a couple of hours.

Will your tiles yellow over time?

Our Tiles are UV resistant. They will not fade or change colour in direct sunlight.

How do the tiles hold up in a non-heated garage during winter?

Our tiles are made with polypropylene (same material used in making hockey area boards) ideal for any garage. Snow and ice has no effect on it.

Can a single tile be removed within the floor?

Yes, you can remove a single tile using a flathead screwdriver.

If I spill Oil or grease on the tile will it stain?

No, Our tiles are made with 100% polypropylene, no recycled material, no rubber, no fillers. Petroleum products spilled on it will not affect it.

Can you mix colours?

Yes, Mix as many colours as you like.

Can ZOOMflorTM support a car jack?

Yes, provided you insert a plywood plate between the ZOOMflor tile and the car jack.

Can you cut ZOOMflorTM tiles?

Yes, you can cut the ZOOMflorTM tile using a hand saw or electric saw.

When the ZOOMflorTM get’s wet does it become slippery?

ZOOMflorTM has been designed to be slip resistant. Rubber soled shoes are the most slip resistant when tiles are wet.